Have you ever played an RPG and wondered…
"Why does the 'hero' kill thousands of innocent monsters?"
"Why does the 'hero' break into homes and steal their items and gold?"
moon is a game that turns those ideas upside down, to see
what really happens behind the scenes of your favorite RPG videogames.
One night, under the light of a full moon, a young boy is sucked into his TV.
He wakes up inside the videogame 'Moon World'. The boy levels up by saving
  the souls of the monsters killed by Moon World's so-called 'hero',
   observing the lives of the oddball inhabitants of the world, and
   gathering their secret love. That's right, in this game you level up with
    love, not through battles.
    "Now, please, open the door..."
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Platform: PS4 (PS5), STEAM | Price: TBD | Release: TBD
Nintendo Switch: Out now! $18.99
Published by Onion Games
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